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Western One Health Club (WOHC) began as Western University’s first interdisciplinary departmental club on campus, with membership from students in different faculties. The club was established in 2018 to facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to health solutions using a one health approach. 

The club has since gained recognition by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) and the Science Students' Council (SSC) in 2019 before its University Student Council (USC) ratification in 2020. WOHC has since grown to have nearly 80 registered members. The club’s primary mandate is to educate students on health problems that could benefit from a One Health approach. WOHC achieves this by hosting educational and networking events, organizing talks by professionals utilizing One Health approaches and communication through Facebook and Instagram

Get Involved

Photo Credit: Armin Farhangpour

Social Networking and Faculty Events

Students from all programs are encouraged to join as general members, regardless of academic background.

As a USC-ratified club, WOHC now has a membership fee of $5. To be eligible for membership, you must be a student enrolled at the University of Western Ontario or any affiliate colleges at an undergraduate or graduate level.

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