Meet Our Team

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Kyla Finlayson
Kyla Finlayson.JPG

Name: Kyla Finlayson
Position: Co-President
Year: 4th Year
Program: Psychology & Linguistics


Isabelle Keng
Isabelle Keng.jpg
Vice-President Events

Name: Isabella Keng
Position: VP Events
Year: 4th Year
Program: Medical Sciences (HSP One Health)


Jocelyn Tan
Jocelyn Tan.jpg

Name: Jocelyn Tan

Position: Co-President
Year: 4th Year
Program: Health Promotion


Celina Tang
Vice-President Communications

Name: Celina Tang
Position: VP Communications
Year: 4th Year
Program: Medical Sciences
 (HSP One Health)

Roberto Armena
Vice-President Finance

Name: Roberto Armena
Position: VP Finance
Year: 2nd Year
Program: Computer Science


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Executive Board

Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang.jpg
Director of Events

Name: Wendy Wang
Position: Director of Events
Year: 2nd Year
Program: Environmental Science


Irene Lee
Irene Lee.jpg
Director of Communications

Name: Irene Lee
Position: Director of Communications
Year: 2nd Year
Program: Medical Sciences

Angus Cheng
Angus Cheng.jpg
Director of Finance

Name: Angus Cheng
Position: Director of Finance
Year: 2nd Year
Program: Medical Sciences

Jiani Wen
Graphic Designer

Name: Jiani Wen
Position: Graphic Designer
Year: 2nd Year
Program: Health Sciences


Emma Jamieson
Emma Jamieson.jpg
One Health Representative

Name: Emma Jamieson
Position: One Health Representative
Year: 4th Year (On Internship)
Program: One Health


Sungmin Lee
Sungmin Lee.jpg

Name: Sungmin Lee
Position: Graphic Designer
Year: 3rd Year
Program: Medical Sciences (HSP One Health)


Graphic Designer
Abby Arora
Abby Arora.png
First Year Representative

Name: Abby Arora
Position: First Year Representative
Year: 1st Year
Program: Health Sciences


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Olea Popelka

Dr. Francisco Olea-Popelka is the Beryl Ivey Endowed Chair in One Health. During his career as a veterinary epidemiologist, he has focused his efforts in addressing health challenges at the interface of domestic animals, wildlife species, and humans in different environments locally, nationally, and globally.  His main area of interest is mycobacterial infections and tuberculosis (TB) at the intersection of livestock, wildlife species, and humans (zoonotic TB) at a global scale; he is recognized as an international leader in zoonotic TB.

Previous Executives

Christopher Zhang - Vice-President Events 2020/2021

Paula Magbor - Vice-President Design and Web Administration 2020/2021

Sukham Brar - One Health Representative 2020/2021

Isabella Spensieri - First-Year Representative 2020/2021

Catherine Zhang - Director of Communications 2020/2021

Aaron Hung - Director of Events 2020/2021

Michael Groff - Vice-President Finance 2019/2020

Dani Kilani - Co-President 2019/2020

Sudiksha Singh - Co-President 2019/2020

Caitlyn Lee - Vice-President Events 2019/2020

Kiera Adams - First-Year Representative 2019/2020

Michelle Tzanetakis - First-Year Representative 2019/2020

Harvey Lee - Vice-President Events 2018/2019

Jacky Cheung - Vice-President Finance 2018/2019

Ashwin Gnanabaskaran - Director of Fundraising 2018/2019